About Us - Euro Fe Remodling
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About Us


Welcome to Euro Fe. We’re honored you are here. In an effort to give your visit added value, we provide a number of award-winning projects and ideas for you. As another element of value, we encourage you to use our ideas to start, or complete a project. We believe ideas, vision and talent are a gift, and we are humbled to be able to share those gifts with you. If we can be of service to you with your project, even better! We simply ask that if you do use our design ideas, please let us know, and send us a picture of your project. That way we can discuss what you liked about the project, and exchange ideas further. We have found over the course of the many years we have been designing, remodeling and creating products some of the best ideas have come from clients and friends.

Here is the working foundation for a Euro Fe project.

Philosophy of Remodeling
We believe in teamwork. Our job is to bring your vision to life. Through Santa Fe and European styles combined with leading edge technologies. Original creative design blended with impeccable craftsmanship.                                                                                       

Steps Involved in a Euro Fe Project
Listen to you – closely.  Assess your project’s unique needs. Help you blend design and practicality. While balancing style and texture with architectural form and function.  By starting with these elements first, we create a living space that fits the your lifestyle.

History of Euro Fe Remodeling/Steve Appolloni
The basis of Euro Fe’s success, over the years, has been our design creativity and understanding how to create a project that is both beautiful and has long-term value. Our experience is in building broadly diverse remodeling projects. Over the course of time we have been fortunate to be recognized as being one of the very best in our field, having won many awards. Learn more about Euro Fe’s recognition.

Any description of what we have accomplished for our clients in more than 30 years of experience is better coming from those clients, now friends. So we have a special section on this website (direct link) that allows them to speak about their experiences working with us on their project.

Euro Fe Products
As we considered what products the public would need most, we began with cabinets. Why? Because after thirty years of remodeling projects, we found that cabinetry had lagged behind. The cabinets themselves were simply not the level of quality they needed to be – cabinets were simply not well-made, they were boring and way too expensive. We wanted cabinets to last a lifetime! So we started building cabinets ourselves. And along the way, we found many other products that needed to be created to give your home more value and joy.

Now, our products division  includes modular features such as countertops, back splashes, lighting and built-in electrical. We never stop looking for better ways to improve your living space!  The basic formula is to bring Form, Function, Freedom and Fun to our kitchens and cabinets. All created with a discerning and sharp eye to give you the absolute best value possible. Designed for Life.

FREEDOM… When you have the freedom to explore unique concepts in design the possibilities are endless. This freedom allows us to bring you award-winning ideas. Travel through our site and take a look at the myriad past projects including the countless remodeling awards Steve Appolloni has won over the last 30+ years including, recently winning the HGTV’s “Designers’ Challenge” awards. Now it’s time to step into Euro Fe, a step into the future.