Asian Kitchen - Euro Fe Remodling
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Asian Kitchen

This Asian-style kitchen remodel started with the homeowner thinking she couldn’t make it happen. She thought she simply couldn’t afford to build her vision. That’s where Steve Appolloni and Euro Fe stepped up and figured out how to get the project done within their budget. (Testimonial of Melinda: To hear her story of how Team Euro Fe got it done.)

We understand that budget is an ever-present challenge when it comes to design. It’s our job to design a project that brings our client’s vision to life, while keeping the costs in check. 

We provide clients award-winning creative design and the most cost-efficient high-quality build team. We meld the talents and knowledge of each client, incorporating them with our team so our clients are well informed and involved with every element.

If you would like to talk about your project please call Euro Fe at: 505.823.1025

Melinda's kitchen testimonial (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

About 6 months ago I decided to remodel my house. I went to several box stores in the area and collected sales brochures (amounting to several trees) set a budget, and waited….Then one day, I past a Cabinet display called Euro Fe, designed by Steve Appolloni. They were great!!

My Stars were aligned. I met with Steve, discussed my budget — his memorable comment was “I don’t do miracles, however I am thinking about doing a new prototype.”

Steve was great to work with, his shop was five minutes away so I could drop in and watch his ideas come to life. I felt like I was living an episode of “this old house.” Learning about what works and what doesn’t; Where granite comes from how it’s cut; types of woods and how they react to the elements; fine tuning new features so there ready for production; and finally the marketing feature that allows you to be part of my adventure.

Melinda M