Euro Fe Cabinets - Euro Fe Remodeling
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Euro Fe Cabinets

We build them ourselves, so it’s done right! You can count on Euro Fe Cabinets.

Our mission was to eliminate the common problems with the typical cabinets of the past. We start with steel frames! Steel is lighter and stronger, providing many hidden surprises that wouldn’t be possible with wood. It also eliminates most common problems with cabinets.

Five years back we were designing a loft kitchen to be shipped to Asia. The last thing anyone wants are damaged goods. The idea of steel frames took hold and what a surprise it was.

They are lighter, stronger, and best of all there is no particle board or edge tape. There are more hidden benefits as you will see. As of 2015 we have fully transitioned all are case work into steel frames.

Looking for a bold option, consider our exposed steel frame option. Powder coated with thirty color options.

You may not know it yet but everything we produce at Euro Fe is Designed for Life!

Does it bother you to open a 10″ drawer to find a 5″ high drawer box?

Problem Solved!

We make our own stainless steel full height drawer sides. And unlike the standard 1/4″ bottoms that often fail, we use 1/2″ 9 ply plywood bottoms that are cradled into the stainless steel sides.


Euro Fe Signature Cabinets

Although we offer many door styles, a true Signature Euro Fe cabinet starts with large slabs of wood. This allow us to grain match and mirror the wood to please the most discerning tastes.

We look at the kitchen cabinets as a whole as opposed to each cabinet being independent. That allows us to design a pattern into a series of doors or blending different woods or glass or make it uniquely yours!


Euro Fe: Designed for Life.

Euro Fe Custom Cabinet Details

Custom cabinet details are what makes you project unique. Every project has a foundation or a canvas. The finish details are what set your project apart and makes it uniquely yours.