HGTV Designers’ Award Kitchen - Euro Fe Remodeling
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HGTV Designers’ Award Kitchen


Design is basically problem solving. And this project was a problem that had long waited to be solved. As it turns out, HGTV was interested in companies that were selected to be involved in the the Design Challenge Competition and Euro Fe won!

Initial Observation:
Main aluminum wiring was coming right through the existing kitchen ceiling.

The brick floor would be a problem if walls or cabinets were removed or if the new layout did not cover these areas the ceilings were only 8’ and homewoners wanted a raised ceiling the laundry room location would be a huge problem and considerable expense to change Pool in the backyard and kitchen in front – how did they watch kids. To build a kitchen and remove a laundry creates a new problem for a family with triplets.

Initial Observation Continued:
The limited space in the kitchen area home was fraught with major infrastructure costs. The husband was willing to give up the laundry space, with the idea that he would build a new laundry room with a mudroom after the proposed project was complete. With triplets, now four years old, we thought there might be a better solution.

The clients also felt, “ It’s our house and we feel we should be a part of the design”. They felt left out of the project, so we chose to engage the clients and we were glad we did. It helped us better understand what the clients wanted and didn’t want.

Our approach to design was to evaluate what they already had and how it was being used. What really keyed this design for us is when they said they hadn’t ever used the formal dining room in the eight years they had lived in their home.

As it is with so many remodeling projects, we were now at: DESIGN MEETS BUDGET.

Proposed Solution:
Use the existing dining room. It has 10′ ceilings, plumbing walls available, and per the customer, isn’t used. Move the kitchen to the dining room space (not used for eight years, has high ceilings, connects to a powder room for plumbing, has concrete floors avoiding the brick, centered in the home creating a perfect nuculas for family and entertaining and physically and visually connects to the back yard).

The Proposed Option:

Incorporate all living areas totaling 1200sf

Spend money for positive gains vs. infrastructure costs

Add the security of physical/visual connections to the pool and enjoyment of the back yard.

Maintain laundry room

Add a mudroom

Create a kitchen nuculous for family and entertaining

Bringing Your life together — with your life style

Fortunately, we won the project and the rest, as they say, is history. We not only were chosen to complete the project, we also won the HGTV Designer’s Challenge Award.

If you would like to speak with us about your project please call us at Euro Fe: 505.823.1025