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Kitchen Designs


For us, it all starts in the kitchen. The place where so many families and friends gather these days.

In this section of kitchen designs and remodels, you’ll find a unique focus on the creation of unique warm kitchens and cabinets that are built on form, function, beauty and style. They’re built to last forever. We build them ourselves, so it’s done right!

Before you begin your kitchen renovation project you should carefully consider the following:

♦ When to start the kitchen design process: The amount of time required to design a kitchen is directly relative to the complexity of the design, lead time of the products and the clients’ ability to make decisions. A simple direct replacement of an existing kitchen can take little time, but a renovation to improve or enlarge a space will be more involved. There are many decisions to be made, it is better to start the process early rather than a few weeks before construction starts.

♦ Develop wish list of what you want in your new kitchen. Peruse magazines, catalogs and photo sharing sites like Houzz or Pinterest to collect photos of details and/or styles that you like (whether it is a piece of hardware, a texture of tile, color or style of cabinetry, molding detail, a counter top edge or appliance.) It is also important to determine what is truly important and what is negotiable.

Appliances: It is necessary to know if you want a professional range, a drop-in cooktop or double ovens with a warming drawer. When you have a basic idea of what type and size of appliances you desire, we can allow enough space for them, or determine if adjustments to the design need to be made.

Have a budget in mind and share it with us. There is a huge variety of manufacturers for many products involved in a kitchen. If we know your budget we can guide you towards the brands and materials that will keep you within your price range and best serve your needs.

Euro Fe: Designed for Life.