Meet Steve Appolloni - Euro Fe Kitchen Remodeling and Design
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Meet Steve Appolloni

Thirty years ago, Wisconsin native Steve Appolloni found himself with a hammer in his hand and a master craftsman at his side.

“I was blessed to have had a great friendship with the late Jack McAdams, Sr. He was an old-world artisan who shared his extensive knowledge with me, mentoring and teaching me the art of fine woodworking and craftsmanship. It was through his son, Jack Jr. that I met Jack Sr.”

A professional musician at the time, Appolloni had always enjoyed working with wood, so it seemed like a good idea to start a fix-it company in 1980 with Jack McAdams, Jr., who, like his father, was a well-rounded entrepreneur and craftsman.

In 1986, Steve and his family (wife and two sons) relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He gave up his music career and shortly thereafter was hired by a local Albuquerque remodeling company. It was during his tenure at the company, working as a liaison between clients and architects, Steve discovered he had a natural ability for design.

“I was always drawn to the creative side whether it was music, or then as it turned out, design. So creating outside the box was again a natural for me, and New Mexico gave me the freedom
to explore varied design styles and work with true artisans.”

While he’s careful to listen closely to client needs and wants, Steve is also looking at how to use the specific space in a different way he’s looking for design options that do not immediately meet the eye. It just takes someone who has been designing for a long time, has talent, and knowledge and a naturally creative eye.

With his knowledge and experience in design and sales, Steve became an integral part of building four nationally recognized, award-winning remodeling companies, including Remodelinc. This company gained national renown throughout the remodeling industry because of a remodeling building process Steve developed called, “Custom DryFit’. While the process was created as a means of coping with the shortage of skilled workers, it proved to have many other attributes that benefited the remodeler and client alike.

To that end, Steve founded ‘Euro Fe Remodeling’.

“I created Euro Fe to bring together cutting edge European technologies with Santa Fe, and New Mexico style. There was no other company focused on bringing technology and style like it!”

“Fortunately, my work has gained national recognition including being featured on HGTV’s Designer Challenge having won an award for design. We’ve also won dozens of awards from the New Mexico Homebuilders Association, including Excellence in Remodeling awards. “

Euro Fe has also developed an exclusive new line of custom products and is bringing them to the New Mexico market starting with cabinets that encapsulate all the knowledge and practical learning from thirty years in the remodeling industry.

The Euro Fe Products line can be seen exclusively at TEMA Contemporary Furnishings, which is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These products are designed with features that are unique to the marketplace. Many of the components are green, made with recycled products and have a distinct function and style. The first products are residential kitchens cabinets, but the company also has an array of products to unveil including outdoor kitchens, patio covers and bathroom products in the near future. A number of the prototypes of products mentioned above can also be seen at TEMA.