Modern Ranch Style Kitchen - Euro Fe Remodeling
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Modern Ranch Style Kitchen

This award-winning modern ranch style kitchen project is one of our personal favorites. It happens the homeowner feels that way also!  She says her friends comment what a comfortable, fun space it is. The island design and color palate, the beauty of the wood and how the kitchen flows into the rest of the great home make this home very special.

Our job to visualize and build your dream. But make no mistake, no matter what the nature of the project, budget is an ever-present challenge. So when we design and build that dream, we always have our eye on keeping  costs in check. 

This Italian Old World patio is flush with copper facia, etched concrete, distressed stucco, fiber optics lighting and faux finish. Talking with our homeowner, the outdoor living space has become the most visited part of this homeowner’s house.

The basis of Euro Fe’s success has been design creativity and understanding how to create a project that is both beautiful, keeps costs in line and has long-term upside value. Our experience is in building broadly diverse remodeling projects. Over the course of time we have been fortunate to be recognized as being one of the best in our field having won many awards.

We understand clearly that budget is an ever-present challenge when it comes to design. It’s our job to design a project that brings our client’s vision to life, while keeping the costs in check. 

If you would like to speak about your project please call Euro Fe at:  505.823.1025