History and Recognition - Euro Fe Remodling
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History and Recognition

Over the last 30 years of designing diverse remodeling projects, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great clients. Whether it has been the complete remodel of a home, a new look for an old kitchen, a master bedroom/bathroom suite, or what to do about the diminishing quality of kitchen cabinets — WE LISTEN! WE CREATE. AND, WE DESIGN FOR LIFE!


History and Recognition.

2014 Su Casa Magazine Designers’  Challenge article

 2013 Introduction of the first Euro Fe Outdoor Kitchen

2011: Euro Fe launches New Asian Designed Custom Cabinet line. Steel frames and bamboo accents. Hard lines and many feature. Italian designed, German built in the USA. Made In Albuquerque New Mexico.

2010: Euro Fe selected as the Top 20 on HGTV’s Editors choice. This kitchen was over the top. The high ceilings create a challenge for lighting and visual function.

2010: Euro Fe™ Albuquerque kitchen wins best in class remodeling award. Maple cabinets with walnut accents, unique features.

2010: Euro Fe™ HGTV’s Top 20 – ABQ the Magazine, Albuquerque the Magazine – Living with Technology.

2010: Excellence in Remodeling, special feature award for a modern fireplace, fine tile designs.

2009: Launched ‘Curv Appeal‘ “Bath in a Box”

2008: Euro Fe™ Euro Fe’s first kitchen in Albuquerque wins best in class remodeling award

2008: Euro Fe™ premieres at TEMA Contemporary Furniture

2008: The New York Times article – bamboo

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Grand Design Award

2007: Excellence In Remodeling, Showroom Remodel

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Design from $151,000 – $250,000

1999: Complete Idiot’s Guide to Remodeling Your Home. Twelve remodeling projects were featured in this national publication. Albuquerque’s Best

1997: Better Homes & Gardens on “Leading edge design” for a loft kitchen show room, New Mexico

1997: Qualified Remodeler on New Mexico Remodeling, Patio and two story deck

1997: Remodeling Magazine on New Mexico Remodeling

1997: KLUZ-TV Multi-part home improvement series Commercial showroom and space planning

1997: J. Howard Deme radio talk show on Remodeling New Mexico

1997: Larry Ahrens radio talk shows on market conditions, why remodeling is so popular. Chris Jackson radio talk show, whats hot and whats not.

1997: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Kitchen

1996: Su Casa Magazine, The first publication, featured our mediterranean kitchen

1996: Excellence In Remodeling, Best Addition, Albuquerque NM

1996: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Commercial Showcase for a leading edge remodeling showroom. As seen in Better Homes and Gardens, 1996

1996; Excellence in Remodeling, Best Kitchen in New Mexico, Albuquerque

1996: New Mexico Business Weekly, Albuquerque

1995: Most Creative Home show Booth, Albuquerque

1995: Excellence In Remodeling, Best Kitchen, Albuquerque

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Large Bathroom Design, Albuquerque

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Small Bathroom Design, Albuquerque, NM

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Small Kitchen Design, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2007: Excellence in Remodeling, Small Kitchen Remodel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2007: HGTV’s “Designers’ Challenge” Winner

2007: Posh Magazine

2007: New at Home Magazine

2006: Best in State of New Mexico Casitas Award

2006: Curv Appeal™ Designer Baths Home Stye -Alb. Journal

2006: Curv Appeal™ Designer Baths published nationally on E-Build

2006: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Kitchen over $50,000

2006: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Kitchen under $50,000

2006: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Albuquerque Remodel $150,000-$$200,000

2005: Excellence in Remodeling, Best Kitchen, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

2003: Front Cover of “New Mexico’s House and Home”

2002: NM House & Home Magazine on Remodeling New Mexico, Building a deck off site and crane it in place, saving time and money.

2000: November Home Entrepreneur, The virtual showroom.

2000: Press Release “Custom DryFit” on the Future of Remodeling” Techniques used to cut costs and the time needed on each projects. Innovations that create value.